Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

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Live electrical equipment, although it allows re-ignition of hot plastics. Now mainly used on large computer servers, although care has to be taken not to asphyxiate people when using the extinguisher in small server rooms. Suitable for Class B & Electrical Hazards. CO2 extinguishers are safe to use on fires involving electrical equipment as well as Class B fires (fires involving flammable liquids such paraffin or petrol High quality and good value.



Do not use on chip or fat pan fires, as it can carry burning fat out of the container. This type of extinguisher does not cool the fire very well and you need to ensure that the fire does not start up again. Fumes from CO2 extinguishers can asphyxiate if used in confined spaces: ventilate the area as soon as the fire has been controlled. Only use CO2 extinguishers with frost-free horns, as the hand holding the horn can otherwise be frozen to the horn, as the gas gets very cold during the discharge.


How to use

The discharge horn should be directed at the base of the flames and the jet kept moving across the area of the fire.


How it works

Carbon dioxide extinguishers work by suffocating the fire. Carbon dioxide displaces oxygen in the air. However, once discharged, the CO2 will dissipate quickly and allow access for oxygen again, which can re-ignite the fire.


Product Details
  • Colour coded for instant recognition.
  • Available in aluminium and light weight steel.
  • Easy to use and leave no messy residue.
  • Available in 2kg 5kg 2kg 5kg


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