Excavator/Heavy Plant Operator Course

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Course Overview

The aim of this course is to equip learners with the skills, knowledge & understanding to safely operate a heavy plant.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course the learners will be;

  • Aware of the current Health & Safety Legislation as it applies to safe operation of heavy plant
  • Different variants of heavy plant and their different characteristics
  • Able to safely operate a Heavy plant
  • Blind spot and keep a safe area around a heavy plant
  • Stability, moving up and down the slope with a heavy plant
  • Lifting capacity
  • Transporting and Hauling secrement standards
Course Programme:
  • Health and Safety at Work Regulations
  • Pre-use inspection of equipment
  • Machine functions & controls
  • Carry out a Risk assessment
  • Site safety
Training Methods:

Classroom based presentation on power-point and practical experience of operating a Heavy plant

Who Should Attend?

Those responsible for operating a heavy plant in their workplace as part of their daily duties.