Emergency First Aid – (Online)

The Emergency First Aid course is suitable for anyone who could come across any type of accident and injuries that might happen at home, at the workplace or in any other environment. This course provides clear information of what has to be done until professional medical assistance takes over.
This course it will be held over 2 sessions
28th April – 13:30 – 15:30
05th May – 13:30 – 15:30
Training can be also held privately at clients requested premises.
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Fire Warden Course – Online

This course is suitable for employees who are tasked with the responsibility to design, implement and maintain fire safety procedures at the workplace. It also provides these employees with what they are required to do during a fire evacuation in order to ensure a safe evacuation for all people involved.
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☑️Training can be also held privately at clients requested premises.

Food Handling Course

It is a legal requirement for employees who work directly or indirectly with food to have a valid Food Handing Course/License. These include chefs, cleaners, bartenders, childcarers and teachers applying for breakfast club.

A valid food handling course/license is one of the requirements needed to take with you when apply for such Visa or Working Permit.

Our Food Handling Courses are also available and approved to be done online. https://healthandsafety.com.mt/product-category/food-handling-courses/

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