Emergency First Aid at Work

3 years
6 hours
MQF Level 3

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The Emergency First Aid at Work course is suitable for anyone who would like to learn and broaden knowledge about basic life saving skills. It provides clear information of what has to be done immediately in case of minor and major injuries, until professional medicals takes over. It could also be undertaken as a refresher course in order to renew an already existing First Aid qualification

Course Assessment:

At the end of the Emergency First Aid at Work course, participants are assessed by a multiple choice assessment sheet to assess understanding of main topics and any weaknesses are addressed to by the tutor

St Bernard’s First Aid & Safety Training Institute is licensed by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education to conduct First Aid Courses to the general public. Our license number is 2014-FHI-002

We are accredited by the Safety Training Awards (STA) of UK, to conduct First Aid Courses. Our First Aid certificates are worldwide recognized

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