Fire Warden – Online Version

Validity 3 Years - Digital Certification included free of charge. Option hard copy original certificate @ €5.50
Course based on 3.5 hours. Start straight away and learn at your own pace with no set time schedules. You will have a time limit of 1 month to complete once purchased. Once course expires one would require to pay an extra Euro 5 to reopen course


Having a designated fire warden at work is an important part of fire safety. The fire warden works together with the employer to ensure that fire safety measures and evacuation procedures are in place and effective.

This course will provide you with the necessary training required to be a qualified fire warden. It will educate you about what your legal duties are, it will provide you with an understanding of fire, familiarise you with fire hazards and fire safety arrangements, and detail what your emergency evacuation procedures should entail. The information in the course will enable you to take responsibility for fire safety in your workplace and protect everyone’s wellbeing.

Who Should Take This Course?

This Fire Warden Training course which also includes the required Basic Fire Safety Principles, is suitable for anyone who will be taking on the role of fire warden in their workplace. Anyone at any level can take it and no previous knowledge is required – it will cover both the basics and specifics of fire safety. It will educate you about what your duties are and how to fulfil them. Depending upon your workplace, your risk assessment may require you to supplement this course with practical training.

This certified online training is required for people working in positions such as,

Teachers, Childcareers
Hotel Management and Restaurant Staff.