Manual Handling – In Person

1 year
2 hours


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This course is aimed to increase awareness of the importance of correct techniques for lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling loads as an individual and part of a team. It provides clear information on how to avoid risks of an injury from manual handling and how to manage any injury that might result until professional help arrives


Course Assessment:

At the end of the Manual Handling Course, participants are assessed by a multiple choice assessment sheet to assess understanding of main topics and any weaknesses are addressed to by the tutor

St Bernard’s First Aid & Safety Training Institute is licensed by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education to conduct First Aid Courses to the general public. Our license number is 2014-FHI-002 whilst our SLC number is 12306

We are accredited by the Safety Training Awards (STA) of UK, to conduct Manual Handling Courses, which are worldwide recognized