Emergency First Aid – (Online)

The Emergency First Aid course is suitable for anyone who could come across any type of accident and injuries that might happen at home, at the workplace or in any other environment. This course provides clear information of what has to be done until professional medical assistance takes over.
This course it will be held over 2 sessions
28th April – 13:30 – 15:30
05th May – 13:30 – 15:30
Training can be also held privately at clients requested premises.
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First Aid – Msida – English Speaking

The purpose of this course is to help participants identify and eliminate potentially hazardous conditions in their environment, recognize emergencies, and make appropriate decisions for first aid care. It teaches skills that participants need to know in order to provide immediate care for a suddenly ill or injured person until more advanced medical care arrives to take over.
Who can take this course?

➡️ Parents, Childcarers, the General Public
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First Aid Kits

Why Your Workplace Needs a First Aid Kit

A first aid kit compiles all the essential materials needed to tackle any first aid emergency, giving users the confidence that they can provide effective treatment to a casualty suffering a minor injury.

By being able to apply effective treatment to a workplace wound or injury, you reduce the risk of an injury worsening or the potential of an infection developing.

We recommend a designated first aider within your company to take responsibility of the first aid kit and routinely replace items which have been used, to ensure your first aid kit is always well stocked in an emergency.